Month: January 2015

Week 2- Tiled Tiling Textures of Tile

Part of my goal this semester is to have a get set of Tiling Textures for my portfolio. Usually when I look into what studios are looking for when it comes to environment artists they all mention tiling textures. What a better way to start that series than with some tiles?

For this first one I purely used substance designer. Future ones I am going to incorporate sculpting and possibly even some hand painted textures.

Besides this I wasn’t able to get too much done because of the Global Game Jam and it messing up my sleeping schedule. But I did start a really basic blockout of my Throne Room scene. I am still playing with the overall layout and forms that I want the rooms in so it isn’t very impressive to look at right now. Either today or tomorrow I will be posting everything to polycount and linking that on this blog.


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Global Game Jam 2015

This year was the second year I participated in the Global Game Jam. The main difference between this year and the last was that this year I was an organizer. Unfortunately being an organizer meant that I wasn’t able to work much on a game, but I still was able to hang out, texture a little bit, and work on some more technical art aspects this year during the jam.

This year’s turn out at Chico was great with 9 games in total being created, some of them were just 1 man teams.

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Week 1 – Final Semester

This is the start of my final semester, after this is it the job hunt. After tons of research on what to include for my portfolio I have decided on what I have left to accomplish to get where I need to be.

Here is the first draft of my plan for the semester, up until GDC everything is planned out pretty well, after that things are going to be changing most likley as time goes on.


Project 1 – Small game environment, focusing on non-realism. Either stylized or sci-fi.

Current Idea: Sci Fi throne room for polycount’s Throne Room competition.

Project 2 – Small game environment, focusing on mainly realism in terms of modeling and texturing.

Current Idea: Rundown gas station

Props: Bi weekly extra props, focusing on studies for texturing and modeling.

Textures: Bi weekly Tiling textures. Using a variety of tools such as nDo, Substance, and sculpting.


Week 1 – Setup and Global Game Jam
Week 2 – Block out Project 1, Tiling Texture 1: Bricks
Week 3 – Lighting and reference gathering for Project 1, Prop 1: TBD
Week 4 – Modeling/Texturing Project 1, Tiling Texture 2: Rock
Week 5 – Modeling/Texturing Project 1, Prop 2: TBD
Week 6 – Finalizing/Fixing Project 1, Tiling Texture 2: Tile Floor
Week 7 – GDC Prop or texture study possibly
Week 8 – Block out Project 2
Week 9 – Reference Gather Project 2 and Lighting
Week 10 – Modeling Project 2
Week 11 – Modeling Project 2
Week 12 – Modeling Project 2
Week 13 – Project 2 Finish up
Week 14

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