Month: March 2015

Week 9 – New Beginning

I know most of these blogs so far have been text, tools, and WIP stuff. But after this post I will be working on an environment. Currently researching and planning it out. Expect a post tomorrow or Sunday.

Most of my work over spring break was scripting work. I recreated most of the character controller from my previous game LITTLEbit, once I finalize it I might start working on some models for that as well.

Also I grabbed some clay sculpting stuff since I haven’t done it in years. I may not start anything on it until¬†after the semester is over but it is awesome to have waiting to work on now.

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Week 8 – Substance Designer 5

substance icon

First things first. I am dropping out of the Throne Room Challenge, at the same time I am committing to the next community challenge from the allegorithmic guys.*

*Unless it ends up falling on some horrible moment during my Master’s Project.

The reason being is that the number 1 feedback I received during GDC was to have more props, and to focus on a specific style based on the studios I want to work for and to have enough pieces so that I can mix/match my portfolio based on where I am applying. I think the first thing I will work on is my hard surface work. With a mixture of sci-fi/future warfare and some modern warfare type elements mixed in. But I am currently researching studios and their styles to find a focus. I have a ton of wide spread studios I would love to work at because I love almost every genre of game and appreciate tons of artistic styles. This will be a hard choice. For now I am going to put my next prop in the previously mentioned category though. Working on finding a concept but I really want to either do a weapon of a vehicle.

In the meantime I have been blasting through catching up with SD5. I created a node to help with the distance node. It helps you visualize where the bevels will and wont affect the original object since it only works on things below middle gray. It also has a slider that will that middle gray value.


Node in Action


Node Graph


The next node I created was a simple version of the new dynamic gradient mode that just replaces black and white. Still thinking about adding more functionality but I could see this saving a ton of time as is.


Node in Action


Node Graph

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Week 7 – GDC

GDC 2015

Most of this week was spent in SF for GDC. Not really much work to show for it besides to talk about what I did there.

It was great meeting the Allegorithmic guys, pretty cool having them recognize my name, now to try and get onto one of their demo reels! I also talked to people at unreal, unity, microsoft, etc. To check out new tech.

The new Marmoset viewer is something I am really looking forward to as well.

One of the big highlights was talking to a 3d lead at Creative Assembly who thought my work was great, just that I need more assets to show off. Something I already knew but just didn’t have the time to get enough done on my portfolio. I don’t want to include any student work, and even though I have tons of work on my drives I am very picky with what I have up right now. Other critiques went similar, but overall there weren’t too many companies in the career pavilion this year. Lots of indies showing off their games instead.

One thing that was awesome was getting invited to a mixer with people from the foundry. I have really been meaning to get into modo every since the indie versions popped up an it was nice chatting with the people who make their products. They were an awesome set of guys.

Another good bonus was talking to a ton of people who are going through a similar process to me with my master’s. Most of them are also currently working in industry as well so it was cool to talk about things and compare notes.

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