Lots of changes this semester overall. Unfortunately not much time to sit down and work on a single project from start to finish, which is a bit disappointing to me. Luckily there were a lot of things that I did accomplish this semester that worked out great.

First is getting everything ready to start my masters. A little less than 2 years ago I started at Chico State with the only goal of giving myself some time to finish a portfolio and obtain a Bachelors. I thought that since I had been at community college so long I might as well get a Bachelors for all my work. Now I face a similar point. Another 2 years to go, but this time with much more focus and knowledge.

Second was getting a start in some other areas of game development I wanted to explore a bit more, like level design, and scripting. I will continue working on modding games, as well as working on my level building application.

As for summer I have a few goals. A couple which need to be accomplished are completing at least 1 level in Torchlight 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, UE4’s first person template, and shootmania. None of these require custom asset creation which is good, but all of them need to be accomplished for ID Tech. I plan on creating very basic maps in each, demonstrating all the things the students will be learning, and then as the weeks go on expanding each as I have to teach them.

My second goal is to finish the abandoned school project I started. This I will be diving into right as school ends and going pretty heavily at it.

The third goal of summer is to port Rocket Volley over to Unity, and get it into a much more presentable state than it has been since the end of last semester. Most of this will involve scripting but I see myself doing plenty of art assets as well.

For next semesters 493 project I think I am going to spend the semester working on a custom KF2 map mod. Unique assets and all if it is supported at that point. If it isn’t supported I will finish off my throne room scene, and move onto another 3d project or mod for the rest of the semester.