This post was made for the students of CAGD 398, but others may find use in it.

Every summer I make it a goal to do at least 40 hours a week of learning or project work related to game development, and every summer I come back leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. Odds are you have never spent 40 hours in a single week working on a project. It may feel like it during the school semester, but you will probably also have multiple classes, GE courses, and possibly a part time job, or multiples. 40 hours can seem like a huge commitment at first, but the reason for this number is the idea that if you want to work in Game Development you might want to try working on your stuff in a full time capacity. Summer is the perfect time for all of this.

To keep track of everything I usually go to spreadsheets. I have made a quick draft of the spreadsheet I will be using to track this summer. You can view it and make a copy if you want here.

Following this method alone wont make you magically better. You will have to work hard and push yourself. The only person stopping you from getting better is yourself. Never wait for a class assignment to start working or learning.

To get your started I suggest checking out these resources: