It has been a while since my last post and the last time I was able to take a modeling course. Two Jobs + Graduate Studies apparently takes up a lot of my time, who knew?

Last time I took CAGD 493 I started out with a big ambitious project and ended up switching to multiple others, I learned a lot but I never got much out of it in terms of portfolio work. This time I want to take the approach of more bit sized projects, with a goal of 2-4 projects this semester. The main thing I have been wanting to work on for a while now is my character modeling and sculpting. I haven’t gotten a chance to do a character project in two years and have been dying to do so since then.

To start I want to spend a couple weeks going over new tutorials, I am most likely a little rusty when it comes to character work as I mainly focus on Environment Art. After that I will break into working on a character from concept art I find online, and once that is complete my goal will be to work on a unique character, something from my head concepted from the ground up. Taking things from my imagination has been a weak point of mine for a long time, I want to directly tackle it this semester. This final project will overlap the entire semester in certain ways as I will be trying to come up with ideas and concepts in-between other work.