This week I start the first planned character of the semester. I spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide exactly what type of character I wanted to do, and have narrowed it down to three ideas.

The first two ideas center around Heroes of the Storm (HotS). With the small amount of free time I have it is the game I play the most and I think it would be cool to do either of these.

Idea 1: Take a character from a Blizzard IP not already in Heroes of the Storm and make a model for them that would fit the environment and perspective of HotS. The characters I would consider for this are:

Malthael from Diablo

A Fire Bat from Star Craft
Fire Bat

or Tirion Fordring from Warcraft

Idea 2: Is to take a character from Heroes of the Storm, and give them a AAA Next Gen type model, since HotS is a top down, stylized game, I thought it would be cool to see how some of the blizzard characters looked more realistic.

My main choice for this would be Johanna. I think the armor, cloth, and hair would be really fun to work with.


Idea 3: Participate and follow along with this months Polycount Character Art Challenge. I think this could be fun as well since I would be submitting my progress online in addition to the class to get advice and critiques.