Due to an unforeseen family emergency this semester I have to travel out of Chico frequently, which means I have a whole lot less time to be around my computer, a lot of that missing time is time I dedicated for this course. As a result I needed to figure out a secondary project that I could easily accomplish on my laptop, in much more sporadic work periods.

I order to keep on track with the course and not go down the easy route of programming (and not make Frank mad at me picking a programming project) I have decided to finally learn pixel art. It is a project I have been meaning to pick up, but never found much time to focus on it, and settled on waiting until after school to do. So for the weeks in which I cannot focus on a 3D modeling task I will instead be working on learning pixel art. Starting with the awesome series Pixel-Logic by Michael Azzi. It is an indie go-go campaign I backed years ago and so far has 6 out of 12 chapters complete.

This week I worked on chapters 0-1 of Pixel-Logic.

Chapter 0 is basically just an introduction talking about the differences of pixel art and other digital arts.

Chapter 1 focuses on the importance of line art. Unfortunately Pixel-Logic doesn’t provide any premade exercises to follow along with, so I tried to make up my own during the readings.

The first exercise I decided to do was cleaning up brush strokes to have better line art flow. The top row is my initial stroke while the bottom row is my cleanup.

The main idea behind cleaning line art is to follow a stair stepping pattern, moving from big to small and never mixing up pixel sizes unless you are trying to change the direction of a stroke.


The second exercise was based on a section where the author discuses different types of line art, one of the types is selective and they mention that the reader should study pokemon sprites for this style by breaking them down, so I took some of them and did that. You can see from the way the line art was done on the sprites that they really incorporated the lighting of the characters well.


Sorry they don’t scale, will have to find a better way to do that.


Next week my goal is to either do some 3D art on my character project, or if I cannot, work on 2-3 more chapters of pixel logic.