Month: April 2017

CAGD 493 – WEEK 12

Between this week and last I barely had time for my project. Luckily I was able to squeeze out a redesign of my base sprite for punch. As I mentioned before I thought a lot of his original design was muddy when translated into pixel art, So I was able to finally rework it and hope to start working out a simple pose and possibly some quick animation for him in a sprite sheet.

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CAGD 493 – WEEK 11

Unfortunately I was unable to get anything done specifically for the class this week. Right now at work I am under a crunch. Currently I do not have approval to share any specifics on the work I am doing, I will see if I can post something later this week.

The basics for the system is to use Sculpted Character busts for a portrait system of a game. The sculpted busts, along with low poly meshes will be fed into a substance designer node network to randomize texture patterns, what high poly bakes to use, and colors. This system is then fed into a unity script that uses seeds to randomize the textures as well as low poly meshes to create different clothing, armor and accessories for the characters.

All of this will be fed into multiple characters in game, using secondary cameras rendering to portrait areas on a player card.

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CAGD 493 – WEEK 9

Finally! This week felt great, I actually created something, or the first draft of something. I went back through my thought process last week and realized I need to start more basic. I attempted to draw and pose Punch all in one go, when really I should have just tried to draw him and get a feel for how his forms are created. Now my goal is to rework this sprite so that the actual size, shown in the preview window, doesn’t appear so muddy.

As for other artistic endeavors I did a lot of miniature painting this week. Really liking the progression I have been making with it. I ordered and already received the 2nd, and last kit, after these I am on my own. The first kit focused on setting up a base color, using washes, then dry-brushing to get a look, and the 3 finalized minis are what use that concept. The new kit is all about layering and glazing to build up great shading on minis.


And for the sculpting update, I spent the week waiting on shipments to setup a hotbox to soften my clay. Using the oven or microwave was a bit tedious and I wanted a more reliable method, so I googled around and found this:

I have all the parts as of yesterday, I just need to build it as the CGCookie tutorial subscription expires in 3 week.s

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