Project Archer is well underway, I meant to post this update mid-week but I got caught up with a few other projects and this post went unfinished for a few days. Basically at work I am taking on the role of programming, in addition to already being the only 3D artist, a 2D artist, and tech artist, and I had to rework Astro Joust’s character controller to fix bugs and make it a bit easier to manage. It’s actually be quite fun since I’ve been more of a programmer the last couple of years in my personal work anyways.

Now for a few tech updates revolving Project Archer:

1. Unity 2018.1 is here, and it is beautiful!

Project Archer will be created using Unity’s new High Definition template for their 2018 release cycle. This will allow me to do less startup work modifying the render settings, and post processing profiles in unity. Basically I get a great render out of the box.

2. Unity acquired the ProCore team last week. 

ProBuilder and PolyBrush are now free! Previously ProBuilder was known as one of the best level editing tools on the Unity Asset store, and PolyBrush is an amazing Vertex Painting and Mesh Sculpting tool for unity. Both of these tools will save me an amazing amount of time.

I’ve also been incorporating Cinemachine into the project and getting that to work. So far in Unity everything looks like this. (I am currently using the Standard Assets Character Controller as mine isn’t much to show off at the moment.)

That’s all I’ve got for this post. The other half deals with the actual level planning, but It isn’t ready so I am planning on getting that done Tuesday.