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Week 2- Tiled Tiling Textures of Tile

Part of my goal this semester is to have a get set of Tiling Textures for my portfolio. Usually when I look into what studios are looking for when it comes to environment artists they all mention tiling textures. What a better way to start that series than with some tiles?

For this first one I purely used substance designer. Future ones I am going to incorporate sculpting and possibly even some hand painted textures.

Besides this I wasn’t able to get too much done because of the Global Game Jam and it messing up my sleeping schedule. But I did start a really basic blockout of my Throne Room scene. I am still playing with the overall layout and forms that I want the rooms in so it isn’t very impressive to look at right now. Either today or tomorrow I will be posting everything to polycount and linking that on this blog.


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Troubles in Texture Town

I did some tests with TURTLE vs xNormal the other day. As much as I want to like TURTLE it just doesn’t hold up when it comes to the quality of xNormals AO bake. The normal maps are pretty similar so that there is pretty much no difference. But the AO has numerous issues, ranging from the max color value not being represented where it should be, to it ruining a tiling sculpt because it seems to have a very slight gradient color change from left to right giving you a seam between tiles.

Where TURTLE excels is in bake time. About 2 minutes to bake a 2k normal and AO map is pretty impressive, and if I were making something that tiled would be pretty acceptable. I could always go in and play with levels and such in photoshop to fix the max color value of the AO, but fixing a subtle color change is more work than I want to do for a subpar bake.

xNormal on the other hand took close to half an hour, but the bake was excellent.

Another method, the one I ended up going with, was to bake my information in Substance Designer. I ended up getting a similar quality bake in the AO but with different details emphasised (the normal map wasn’t half bad either but I prefer the one created by xNormal or even Turtle for what I needed). I then took my bake from SD and multiplied it over the one from xNormal. This allowed the quality of both The bake times were similar to that of xNormal, so I wouldn’t suggest this method for quick work since it is close to an hour.

At this point you have a good base for your texture work. I will be updating some of that on Wednesday most likely. I need to go in and compile screenshots.

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