Or at least that is the way that PBR makes me feel.  As a 3D artist working in games PBR is something I have been devoting a large chunk of my time to. Sadly I have had no projects focusing on using a PBR workflow since most of my work in the last few years has been for Unity and focused towards mobile.

This semester I am finally able to create some PBR work, across multiple projects. I will be working in UE4, and using Maya, Substance Designer/Painter, Photoshop, and Quixel’s new suite.

I also plan on going a bit more stylized with the look, partially because I love stylized texture work, but mostly because I feel this is an area that has yet to be fully explored with PBR and would love to work through it. When most people think of this workflow they think of realism, in fact there was a lot of people wondering if stylized/hand painted looks would even be all that possible.

I’ll just leave this here to answer that:

To start out this series of updates I thought I would throw together the resources I have gathered so far on Physically Based Rendering.

The first things I want to list are meant for those new to PBR:

Both of these are great resources for starting out with PBR and gaining an understanding. Once you have your footing however I suggest you take a look over at marmoset’s website since they they two great write-ups on the subject.

Another great resource for those looking to dive even deeper into technical aspects:

And the following is more of a “PBR in practice” type section:

I hope to add more in the future as soon as I have enough for a post.

Next week I will be posting some peoples work I have gathered to show off some of the great work people are coming up with using this workflow.